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Clare Mosley is a licensed Acupuncturist and member of the British Acupuncture Council.


She has founded Serenity Acupuncture Clinic in East Grinstead to offer treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Elements theory. Together with her background in Western Medicine, she aims to provide a truly holistic approach to your treatment.


Clare has experience in using Acupuncture to treat a wide range of conditions including menopausal symptoms, musculoskeletal problems, migraine and arthritis.  More details can be found on the treatments page.


Prior to qualifying as an acupuncturist after studying at the International College of Oriental Medicine, Clare was a fully qualified doctor and worked as GP in the local area for many years.


Please feel free to contact Clare with any queries or book a treatment now!

Acupuncture East Grinstead

Ear wax removal in East Grinstead

Clare is also trained in safe and effective removal of excess ear wax. She has undertaken additional training and certification in Microsuction and Irrigation and can now offer this service to those aged 18 years and over.


More details can be found here.

Examination of ear

I began seeing Clare in early February after suffering complications from a medical procedure that not even my GP could treat (by the way, Clare is a former GP). I was experiencing extreme fatigue, body pains, fever, debilitating ear pain, and intense brain fog. Remarkably, after just two treatments with Clare, I saw significant improvement. After a few more appointments, I was able to resume many of my daily activities, and most of my symptoms had disappeared. I was amazed, especially after trying many other options without success. Clare genuinely listened to my concerns and tailored my treatments to my needs. I can’t recommend her enough. It is truly unfortunate that I am moving out of the country, as finding another acupuncturist as exceptional as Clare will be a challenge.


Having my ears syringed seems to be an 18 month cycle for me but so glad that I used Clare at Serenity Acupuncture Clinic. Really professional approach and talked me through the procedure and any potential risks post procedure – highly recommended.


I have been to see Clare for earwax removal. Once again Clare explained everything to me fully and made me feel completely at ease. She did an amazing job and finally I can hear properly again. The procedure was painless and Clare talked me through the whole thing which was really comforting. I will not be waiting as long to have my ears cleaned again and I will definitely be going back to see Clare. I really would recommend her to anyone another 5 star experience 😊


I felt very reassured knowing Clare had been a GP as I was a little apprehensive. No need as the treatment was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend.


So happy to find this clinic. I lived in Asia for a number of years and this treatment was akin to my experiences there. My condition saw a good improvement after the initial treatment and continues to improve, I very much feel in safe hands.


After years of back and neck muscle tension, and many deep tissue massages which has been relaxing but didn’t quite do the trick, I decided to finally give acupuncture a go!

Having never had acupuncture, I was apprehensive, however Clare Mosley at Serenity Acupuncture Clinic put me at ease. Clare took time to listen and understand the cause of my muscle tension, my well-being, and explained every step, including being mindful of the needle pinch, which is just a pinch and has been able to answer all my questions. Very professional, friendly and in a lovely clinic.

Immediate improvement felt and look forward to continuing my treatment with Clare – I would highly recommend.


I had been struggling to conceive for 4 & a half years with a number of fertility issues & previous failed IVF round. I had previously had acupuncture with another lady in Croydon for 18 months which had helped at least lengthen my cycles bug had not attended since Nov 2019. Having moved house & wanting my 2nd round of IVF, I needed to find a new acupuncturist, I researched for a registered acupuncturist & found Clare through Google & felt very confident & at ease when I met her for a consultation. I had 2 sessions with her & unbelievably fell pregnant naturally!!!! I was so stunned & completely put it down to Clare being a genius- I am currently 27 weeks & have been seeing Clare regularly, at first every couple of weeks & now every 6 weeks as the pregnancy has progressed. She has hugely helped with sickness, blocked sinus, headaches & my bowel movements! I am so happy I found Clare & with the added bonus of her previously being a GP she always has great knowledge & advice! Wish I could give her a 100 star rating!


I highly recommend Clare. When I came to her with all the hormone issues I was having and aches and pains she helped me so much with just a few sessions. It is incredible how she helped me, now I have given up painkillers and I have no pain. I love it that when you go there, she really listens to all the issues you have and makes you feel like you are being taken care of. She explains everything she is doing to you, to make sure you understand the procedures and gives you details of why it is important. I have taken all her advice and used it in my daily life. She makes you feel comfortable and especially knowing she was a GP doctor. I could write an extensive list of all the amazing things she does. But I will end this by saying thank you so much, Clare!


Clare made me feel completely comfortable talking about personal medical symptoms. She is warm and friendly and makes you feel totally relaxed. When it came to positioning the needles I honestly never felt anything and I was able to relax fully. Clare explained everything really clearly as we went through the procedure and I came away feeling much calmer within myself. I would highly recommend Clare and I will most definitely be going back for more treatments. 5 star treatment.


The Serenity treatment room is a little haven of tranquillity and Clare immediately puts you at ease with her gentle and caring approach. She’s extremely knowledgeable and explains what’s she is going to do and why. I’ve had acupuncture previously (with a different practitioner) but the results Clare achieves are incredible! Initially I asked her to help me with my chronic lower back pain, which has been dramatically improving but in addition to that, the acupuncture is really helping my mental and emotional well being too. I told Clare that I have heavy and very painful periods. Within two cycles, my periods are now almost completely pain-free, light and shorter duration. I feel like I’ve struck gold! I highly recommend the Serenity Acupuncture Clinic.


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